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Lyrics Texas – BigXthaPlug


B**ch I’m from Texas
Where we still ride in swangas and put diamonds in our necklace
Pour drank inside my lemonade til it look like a Pepsi
See I come from the D where we got shags and we be flexin
If you ain’t from my state then you should know don’t f**k with Texas

We always strapped we keep our weapons
My momma from the H she slowed it down for me at seven
Used to think Pimp C was a God before he went to heaven
I knew what pushing p was before Gunna even said it

See Z-Ro taught me keep my weapon
And never trust a n**ga or a b**ch cause it’s expected
No killas from the country they ride horses and throw sevens
Got n**gas in East ride ATVs with Mac 11s

See I’m from Texas
We got Beyoncé Trae the Truth and we can’t forget Devin
Big shoutout to dem boys and I can’t forget about them Texans
I been feeling like Luka how I ball that s**t a blessing
Number one rule in Texas keep it silent ain’t no telling

And always keep your f**king weapon
A n**ga try me or the guys we got no choice but stretch them
If he survive these shots at first bet he die on that stretcher
These diamonds I got water might just go and Johnny my next ones

This Texas tea is what I drink
Sauce Walka had us dripping sauce, having h*es, and on drank
Young Nation had us jigging dipping ain’t know how to think
Now I got all these n**gas stepping swiping catching plays

➤ Produced by Chris Wiseman & Ryan Leitru
BigXthaPlug | 2022

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