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Lyrics Lurk – Big Sean

Sammy, are you into the drug life
Sat back and just thought about what’s life
We in the crib but it’s feeling like club life
I’m talking champagne, popping out the tub life

My n**ga been locked since ’02
This his first time riding in a foreign car
He don’t want a good girl, he want a p0rn star
That’s gonna tell him what to do like Orange star

This is a night and day job
Major league contracts bigger than a rod
Thinking it’s a game but you better not play me
A whole young with an old soul
It’s like I’m 80 years old and I beat a win
So I’m pushing daisies you know

Tell me, have you ever had sex on the beach
Honestly, I prefer sex and sheets
No sand in the p**sy, I like tens in the p**sy
Ass love but it turned to be enemy if you push me
No plan, stuck to the plan, damn to worth to me

Oh, I’m with the darks, still glowing up
On the top floor and we still going up

➤ Written by Big Sean
Big Sean | 2020

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