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Lyrics After Eminem – Bfb Da Packman

I’m the best rapper from Michigan after Eminem
In New York two deep, I got the do-do-do
Coochie pink, skin tone color look like cinnamon
I f**ked two sisters, they both bad, but they synonyms
Huh, R.I.P. David Ruffin
Sippin’ Wock’, tryna forget all the pain and sufferin’
Cold heart a n**ga, Ford tough, I just blame my mother
Pockets fat as hell, but why God had to make me ugly

I f**k all these h0es raw, I be dirty-doggin’
Got the plug, sent her the tooter, that’s them birdies callin’
I don’t wear jewelry, rather trick with a bad b!tch
But if I did, a n**ga couldn’t get sh!t but this thirty off me

N**ga, you gon’ die today
Six pink tens in my body, I’ma fly away
PG just dropped twenty cash to fight his case
If the p**sy good when we f**kin’, I’m bitin’ your face
Chanel bags for my baby mama
She was down when a n**ga ain’t have a dollar
City dried up, ain’t no syrup, we need a doctor
Sneak f**ked up, he popped a n**ga and blame the chopper

With my vatos talkin’ money and sippin’ horchata
Fat, young n**ga, got a fetish on datin’ Madonna
Tryna get high, pour it up, don’t need no bottle
The way she suck d!ck, I could tell she ain’t have no father

Shout-out to single moms
Rap ain’t been the same since Thug left
they need to free the slime
Keep both eyes on that money, I’m a peeping Tom
I love a b!tch that put her hands on me, I need Solange

Uh, no disrespect to Jigga
But I respect any chick that step to Jigga
Humble Pack over, this year, we press the issue
How my b!tch this bad and I’m this ugly I’m special, n**ga
My brother said, Show your a*s on every track now
So I’m rappin’ in the booth with my crack out
I don’t do drugs ’cause I seen what it do to people
I’m famous and rich, my daddy still ain’t left the crack house

These lyrics, it got pain in it
Mama said since I got pape’ I’m not the same n**ga
I don’t want the p**sy if I cannot get the brain with it
Before I stick my tongue in her ass, I put my chain in it

Now she a gold digger
N**gas my age always hated, I hang with old n**gas
I hate n**gas with secrets to get rich and successful
But everybody ’round them broke, that just mean they never told n**gas
That’s a god damn shame, now them some bold n**gas
Serve everything unc’ cut, I don’t do bold business
Pulled up by herself, when she left, she took my soul with her
Brodie got rich from shootin’ n**gas, he like Cole Bennett

The Lunch Crew Company…

➤ Written by BFB Da Packman
Bfb Da Packman | 2023

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