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Lyrics Tooth for a Tooth – Benny Banks

I kung-fu like I own this s**t
I own my s**t, own the ship, I hope you know that s**t
I f**k a thing from P0rnhub, I bet you know that b**ch
But I don’t ever kiss and tell, I can’t expose no b**ch

Where would I be without my drugs
Money ain’t enough, I need happiness and love
I need people I can trust at times, loneliness is f**ked
But I would rather be alone than mixed up, it’s nuts


I got youngins that I’m younger than
I went through trials and tribulations as a younger man
First man in my gang to see a hundred grand
Rich people problems, you wouldn’t understand

I’m still out here, work some s**t, try to feed my fam
We so loud that my neighbours asked to keep it down
Maybe I’m too old for this game, I feel like Peter Pan
First spendin’ money on drip, I need a piece of land

In the teahouse, sweatin’, I ain’t stopped for days
Whole block stinkin’ of gelato, I don’t f**k with haters
Holler at my brother, mate if you weren’t some flake
Can’t go and f**k with c0caine, and go bad for days
Runnin’ through these rentals with my brother, flash
I aim to shoot, but I punch you in your f**king face
Raising up a storm, I ain’t riding, waves, flow still hot
Like I popped it in the microwave

My bros either boiling or they crashing
Every one they do, they do with passion
Richest man I met told me never f**k the fashion
He had mill’s up in the bank
and left his trainers looking battered


Dealing with it matters, bag upon my jacket
I’m still tryin’ to find a balance
lunchtime sandwiches in Harrods
Hit me off for clout I get you covered up in Clarins
Now repeat after me like a motherf**kin’ parrot

No cappin’, I rap, I’m only giving you facts
The way I run for a pat, I need a platinum plaque
I’d love to work on my jacks, and hit the curb for some cash
I went from Barnett to Milton Keynes searching for cats
No cappin’, I rap, I’m only giving you facts
The way I run for a pat, no sleep man, I barely get naps
I got weedheads moving like cats
Us at, I get rid of forty-one like it’s crap

Fake love everywhere that I go
If I don’t get it off my friend it’s probably off of my h*e
If she never had no youth then I would leave her alone
But right now she’s sucking deeck and she’s cleaning my clothes
And if he didn’t put in work, then I’d be sending him home
Hustle hard or would you rather be broke
Whatever’s floating your boat
You ain’t no plug if you ain’t buying in bulk
I owe my plug 25 and he’s still flying me loads

I done stand spied up my past
My own people seen me starving
they still left me there to starve
Certified banks, your favourite rapper, know my bars
I’ve been rapping ten years and still ain’t bought a f**kin’ yard

Look, had to start again and then start again
Then I had to start again again, and then start again
Feeling like I’m back at half-time and miss half the game
On this journey I lost half my mates
In a room full of fans yeah, but I feel out of place
Everybody tell me that it’s love but all I feel is hate
All I see is snakes, it’s like I can’t escape
Wake up and smell the coffee or you won’t relate

Wake up and smell the coffee or you won’t relate…

➤ Written by Benny Banks
Produced by Palaze
Benny Banks | 2021

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