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Lyrics Out On Bond – BabyTron

They caught me out in Nebraska with a controlled substance
Innocent until I’m proven guilty, I don’t know nothing
Couldn’t stop the road running, hit Milwaukee next day
Certified just showed me how to break a brick, we senseis

Worried if I’m locked up, make sure that your rent paid
All my mans around me fresh like next year we in tenth grade
Must’ve hear I signed the spot-up shooter to a ten-day
Tried to be heroic, now he Tony Stark in Endgame

It ain’t s**t to say, gon’ let my lawyer talk
Spot still banging down the way, you need boy or grr..
Told the cops that they some workers, can’t employ a boss
Triceps in my glasses, you would think it’s ‘roids I’m off

They say I got a founding father name, my pocket full of ’em
My cuddy in the kitchen with some chickens, gnawing and cooking ’em
It’s belt-to-ass season, if I spot an opp, we whooping him
Medusa did the chains, gon’ be stone if you stop and look at ’em

Out on bond, out on bond, s**t, I’m out on bond
Hunnid shots, two hunnid shots for all y’all tried to clown on Tron
King of the galaxy like come on, time to crown the Don
All the buckets that I dropped, I’m on the list around LeBron

Out on bond, out on bond, s**t, I’m out on bond
S**t, I call the shots, left the county, hit the mall to shop
Tried to count me out, the calculator said you all to stop
I’m out on bond, riding with the Drac’, ducking law, I’m hot

Tweaking with the prices, type of s**t to get the plug dropped
Caught a hater out, I’m finna take my second mugshot
Caught a hater out, I’m finna take my second mugshot…

➤ Written by BabyTron
Album: Out On Bond
Produced by Enrgy Beats
BabyTron | 2023

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