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Lyrics Like Daisy Lane – Babyface Ray

Know what I’m saying
Yee’ ain’t tripping, you know what I’m saying
All you n**gas getting that motherf**kin’ Trump money
Y’all n**gas ain’t doing nothing but bringing it straight to me
Ayy Tanner ‘fye that s**t up
Yeah, real world n**ga

Dropping all them fiends, got the block hot
She tryna catch a breeze, I let the top drop
Them n**gas hatin’ on me, they is not hot
I’ve been gathering for a week to make it one stop, yeah


Thirty-five racks all on one watch
A brick and white card all in one pot
My n**ga stay sledin’, cha cha
These n**gas stay broke, but not I
I heard you tryna save that lil’ b**ch, Popeye

Pop out with the Glock out, I done got got
I didn’t fall back, I brought it all back, went and got hot
You call in, I got a call back, he is not the guy
I told her bring soda, rock and raw
I pull his shirt, this sleep rock-a-bye, n**ga
Two tones, we don’t do those, but they cool though
It’s a world, I play the game, this s**t get cruel though

I’m with the real mafia, I need a suit on
Appreciate the Empire checks but we done blew those
I understand you rap about this s**t but you don’t move those
Use my face card, get the plug, and put the crew on
N**ga, what you mad at me for
You know it all n**ga, what you askin’ me for
Gave up the blueprint, so yo’ ass shouldn’t be broke
My first day wit’ it, sold a half a

I heard my name’s in rooms that I ain’t been in
F**k these skinny jeans, the check won’t fit in
Walked right through the line, them boys can’t get in
She said she never seen a Lamb, I let her sit in


Two-fifty for the drink, this b**ch like Daisy Lane
I link up with the gang, I brought out eighty chains
Don’t worry ’bout my cup, I feel like Lil Wayne
You gotta ask before you move, you know a n**ga makin’

Lil’ wave, I rock the boat once, this show I’m getting paid
She get a raise, been on the block for years, man you n**gas lame
Go get a job ’cause truth be told you n**gas in a n**ga way
Same s**t, different day, she said don’t give my deeck away

I said don’t give that p**sy up
In Oakland rollin’ Cookie up
Don’t know me n**ga, look me up
Just know a n**ga booked as f**k
They said I couldn’t leave the crib, I cooked this up
My migo gave it to me, unc’ he hooked this up

Ayy Tanner ‘fye that s**t up…

Babyface Ray | 2021

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