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Lyrics Ron Artest – Babyface Ray & 42 Dugg

He passed me the ball
He never passed me the ball
He passed me the ball
Kobe passed me the ball and I shot a three

N**gas yellin’ from the stands, watch what you sayin’
Blowin’ peanut butter cookie with my cup like jam
Turn to a Warrior, put a dub on your head
You don’t wanna work, put some drugs in his hand
In a ‘vert, put a top on that b**ch like a hoodie
Doin’ top speed with my hands on her goodies
Dirty-ass boy, why yo’ pop so muddy
Got so much cheese, I ain’t trust nobody

My mind f**ked up, can’t f**k with nobody
Dealin’ with heartbreak, I don’t love nobody
If you wanna make a couple racks, come with me
You ain’t gotta slip, blue kit one-fifty
Up that b**ch, n**gas turn into Ricky
Turn up with a bag, n**gas turnin’ in gifty
Turn right around, I’m coming home wit it
It ain’t ’bout guap, don’t call my phone, n**ga

N**gas real life dumb, I don’t get along with it
Prolly gon’ f**k if I’m left alone with her
I just can’t pursue these rat-ass b**ches
‘Cause they doing it for clout
Neighbors keep on peeking through window
‘Cause I’m runnin’ it up
Grab the Draco off the couch, yeah

I got mud in my ice tea
Rose gold on a white tee
I heard this b**ch wanna fight me
Yeah, my b**ches don’t excite me
Right now, I’m courtside like Spike Lee
Gettin’ rich off rap, man, life free
White lows, man I do ’em like twice a week
Pillow-talk to a rat then try and speak, and is weird

I’m f**ked up, ate Perc’ now I’m cured
Yeah, you in the streets but you lost, you a deer
N**gas writin’ for a rap buzz, I don’t care
Miss me with the rap s**t, I was there
Live in the flesh, Ron Artest
Counted me out, came back, I’ma champ
She just wanna suck a n**ga dry, she a vamp’
Told me f**k a new chair, I need a lamp
Ain’t nobody else puttin’ mine on the map
Free P, I’ma hold it down ’til he back

That n**ga face trippin’, goin’ live in the trap
I got it right now, reportin’ live with the racks
Ayy, free Ric, I’ma hold it down ’til he here
Fitty thousand on me, gettin’ head in the Lear’
This the big jet, got a bed in the Lear’
Baby goin’ crazy, me and Ced’ in the chair
4 Pockets Full and they ain’t CMG
Put the music to the sides, b**ch, I’m signed to the streets
I’ma grind’, stop bleed, never beg for what I need
Puppet dash strong, b**ch, I’m lookin’ for the beans

I just touched down, yeah I’m lookin’ for the lean
Callin’ for the work, send the bookers to Alim
Thought I got ’em made but they really double Gs
You ain’t never ‘nough to f**k up a hundred Gs

Ayy, sometimes I feel left out
Two hundred thousand in the bed, still, I’m stressed out
Pssh, livin’ legend, I’m blessed now, ayy
Still goin’ through the trenches
Still yellin’, Free my n**gas
Know she happy that I did it…

➤ Written by Babyface Ray, 42 Dugg & gerreaux
Produced by gerreaux
Babyface Ray | 42 Dugg | 2023

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