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Lyrics ScatPacc – Baby Hot, NLE Choppa

Ayy, I hit the block in a motherf**kin’ Scatpacc
Did nothin’ to it and you know it be matte black
Hundred so sharp, b**ch, you know that I ain’t lack
Pull the Drac’ out my motherf**kin’ backpack
Go out to Cali’, we missin’ the action
Man, shoutout to Pooh Shiesty, he couldn’t even clap back
N**ga just need to cool down, but they cappin’
Before Lil Nine get put on the snapback

Switch on the Glock, had to add me a 50
Rebound a AR, it came with some titties
Say you want smoke, n**ga, come get it with me
I drop, spin the block, now they hatin’ my city
Internet n**gas got me in they mentions

➤ Written by HozayBeats, YeaDatzLewi, Baby Hot & NLE Choppa
Produced by HozayBeats & YeaDatzLewi
Baby Hot | NLE Choppa | 2022

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