Baby Grizzley feat. Tee Grizzley – Twin Grizzlies Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Twin Grizzlies – Baby Grizzley feat. Tee Grizzley

Y’all can lie to instagram
Y’all can’t lie to me
Shooters got they passports
We thuggin’ everseas
We gon’ burn sumn
I ain’t talking STDS
Call the plug like I’m locked out the house
Just need keys

Told brudda, take that s**t to trial
Don’t take a plea
The lawyer say it’s looking good
But ain’t no guarantees
I still can’t believe
That I used to roll with thieves
I just looking at my watch
I would kill for one of these


This a Maybach truck
Not, no G wagon lil b**ch please
Shoutout GOD
I get them blessings like I sneezed
N**gas propped they mans
Them boys ain’t gon’ do s**t but grieve
Oh, hell no way, I think we work them chopsticks
Better than chinese

➤ Written by Baby Grizzley & Tee Grizzley
Produced by Bankroll Got It
Baby Grizzley | Tee Grizzley | 2020

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