Avril Lavigne & Jonny Blu – Baby It’s Cold Outside (♫)

Lyrics “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Avril Lavigne & Jonny Blu

I really can’t stay
(baby it’s cold outside)
I’ve got to go away
(baby it’s cold outside)
This evening has been
So very nice
(I’ll hold your hands that just like..)

My mother will start to worry
My father will be pacing the floor
So really I’d better scurry
But maybe just a half a drink more

The neighbors might think
Say what’s in that drink
I wish I knew how
To break this spell

I ought to say, no, no, no, no sir
At least I’m gonna say that I tried
I really can’t stay
But baby, it’s cold outside

I simply must go
The answer is no
Your welcome has been
So very warm

My sister will be suspicious
My brother will be there at the door
My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious
But maybe just a cigarette more

I’ve gotta get home
Say lend me a coat
You’ve really been grand
But don’t you see

There’s bound to be talk tomorrow
At least there will be plenty implied
I really can’t stay
But baby, it’s cold
Baby, it’s cold outside…

➤ Avril Lavigne 2017

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