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  • Doobie – Nervous | Lyrics Video 2019

    You make me nervous You make me feel like I’m so far from perfect You make me nervous Drugs make me feel like A whole different person You make me nervous I need some rest But this perk isn’t workin’ Nervous..④ I believe in […]

  • Bronze Whale – Growing Up | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Yeah and I’ve been moving up I’ve been moving up You’ve been catching me on my grind Scared it’s taking up all my time But I’ve been getting closer Just a little bit closer Say you can’t find me no […]

  • Kiesza – You’re The Best | Lyrics Video 2019

    I like the way that you get high Outta sight, outta mind See a place where you can hide In your eyes, it’s sublime Floating, over yesterday I wish you had taken me I feel better in your hands One life, what’s that supposed […]

  • Inna & Vinka – Bebe | Lyrics Video 2019

    Vinka, Inna babe Uganda, Romania Link up, let’s go Je suis folle d’amour avec toi Mon coeur ne s’arrête pas C’est just moi et mon bébé Je suis là pour mon bébé On dit quoi de de mon bébé Je suis là mon bébé […]

  • (G)I-DLE – Lion | English Lyrics Video 2019

    Ooh I’m a lion I’m a queen, no one Yes, nothing can confine me, even pain Fire under the red sun A blue flower burning I’m here to play hard to get Sharp claws are revealed Wounds burning up Footsteps […]

  • Frank Ocean – In My Room | Lyric Video 2019

    No sleeper seats That’s a mattress No sleeper seats That’s a mattress You ain’t stingy, split your tablets with me You won’t flinch when camera’s flashing, flashing Not fake laid back, no it’s natural And I think you made for the life I lead […]

  • Labrinth – Misbehaving | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Ladies and gentle..⑦ Ladies and.. Hey bring the drink Come bring the stone And bring the rock Come bring the roll Forever young Let the good times roll Forever young And it don’t get old Misbehaving, misbehaving You got the […]

  • Labrinth – Where The Wild Things | Lyrics Audio 2019

    We live that Vegas life With a face like Krugger and Jason We made some friends that night There was rum, red wine There was Jameson’s Taking no prisoners, right Yeah, we own the sky Like spaceships We float on air So high off […]