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  • Alessia Cara – Make It To Christmas | Lyrics Audio

    We were warm and wonderful Once upon a time But now we’re frozen, hanging by a thread Can we wait a minute Or can we just try to try Cause my favourite day is coming up ahead Darling, I know that our love is […]

  • Mura Masa feat. slowthai – Deal Wiv It | Lyrics Video

    Deal with it Oi right, all right, all right, all right.. Walking I walk to the shop I bop and take it steady Fighting with my sisters in the house She’s on the couch She don’t move much I’ve got tea in my hand […]

  • The Chainsmokers – Push My Luck | Lyrics Video 2019

    Broad Street Yeah, we met over sake Might’ve started off rocky And ruined our first date But last night When you finally called me I ran straight through the lobby I couldn’t keep you waiting And I know, and I know, and I know, […]

  • Vintage Culture & Fancy Inc – In The Dark | Lyric Video

    Oceans in between us gonna keep us apart Mountains and the distance couldn’t bury our love I would search forever swim up Every single river cos I know how it feels And it’s real Must be something in my heart That beats for you […]

  • Sickick – Work of Art | Lyrics Audio 2019

    You and I, we’re the same, same Thunder and rain And I’ll never find someone like you I’m the one to blame, blame I can’t even remember her name The thrill wasn’t worth all the lies You’ve lost the ability […]

  • Beck – Dark Places | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Time moves on and on and love it goes Now she’s gone and all I see are shadows It’s two in the morning I’m lose in the moment It’s two in the morning I’m lose in the moment Some days […]

  • Melanie C feat. Sink The Pink – High Heels | Lyrics Video

    I’ll be dancing home tonight With my high heels in my hand I’ll be dancing home tonight With my high heels in my hand It’s been five weeks since I started Saving for my new shoes They’re coming out of […]

  • Meghan Trainor ft. Lennon Stella, Sasha Sloan – Workin’ On It

    Never been asked to dance ‘Cause I never been the pretty Never like compliments ‘Cause it’s always been so hard belivin’ them You say I’m beautiful And I say you’re full of it Nothing personal I’m still not used to this But I’m workin’ […]

  • Lost Kings feat. Finn Askew – Feather | Lyric Video

    Yeah, law twenty nine on my cigarette break You don’t wanna talk, you got nothing to say We got nothing going on Will you miss me when I’m gone You probably think I’m wasted I got fire in my cup Then ride on my […]