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  • Lauv – Tattoos Together | Lyrics 2020

    Said I’d never fall, I’d never fall I’d never fall but then I fell for you, mhm Back against the wall, against the wall Against the wall, that’s how it felt with you, mhm, mm One weekend in Portland You weren’t even my girlfriend […]

  • Faouzia – Tears of Gold | Lyrics 2020

    Mama always told me that I was too naive Gave away my trust for pennies I said, don’t you worry Didn’t think that I’d be Broken down and crying Help me Wrecked Check Heart in debt All you do is […]

  • Bonnie x Clyde – Curse | Lyric Video

    Took me to my badside Baby it’s a curse Now I’m in the backseat While you’re in reverse Do I wanna stay here Pullin at your love It’s written on your face baby Isn’t it enough Looking in the mirror And I know I […]

  • Nause, Rebecca & Fiona – Can’t Erase | Lyrics

    When the fire left our hearts We were locked out in the dark Nothing more to say but we stayed a while When you crashed right into me I fell so hard i couldn’t see That we were strangers but […]

  • Janet Devlin – Honest Men | Lyrics 2020

    Where have all the honest men gone I’m flocked by vultures in the summer sun They take what they can get Then gone in another breath Where have all the honest men gone My shoes are filled with lead, what […]

  • Dreamville feat. Ari Lennox – Bussit | Lyrics

    Said have off my clothes when you arrive You could seduce me with your eye Don’t want the smoke, don’t waste my time I’ll be open for you Work out my spine, I need you near You scared of love, but f**k your fear […]

  • Zeds Dead & DNMO feat. GG Magree – Save My Grave

    You made my eyes see brighter days Feel as if you run through my veins I’m wondering if the way I’ll arrive to my death Is late, drunk and in love Late, drunk and in love I’m asking you if […]

  • Meghan Trainor – Blink | Lyrics 2020

    I’m an eclipse, I’m a shootin’ star I’ma you come quick, then I break your heart Watch out, watch out for me I’m smarter than you think I’m crazy but I’m sweet, you’ll see There ain’t nobody like me, baby So why don’t we […]

  • Hayley Kiyoko – She | Lyrics 2020

    She acts like she’s in 7th grade But actually she’s 23 And she been telling people She don’t think that it ain’t for her She’s been selling love for a really long time And I ain’t her first She keeps […]

  • Oh Wonder – Happy | Lyrics 2020

    Never thought I’d be happy..② I didn’t think that I’d see you here tonight But there’s something kinda nice about it It’s been a year since you gave me back my love And I wonder how you’ve been without it […]