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  • Jacquees – Fact Or Fiction | Lyrics Video 2019

    You’re trippin’, blame me for my past When you know I’m more than that Been there once no going’ back, I promise I’ma get it right this time, I’ma prioritize You better know that ass is mine Say I got […]

  • Ali Gatie – How Things Used to Be | Lyrics Video

    I wonder how you are I wonder if you think of me And when I’m all alone I think of how things used to be I’m stuck here writing songs I wonder if they’re helping me The moments when you’re […]

  • Au/Ra & Alan Walker – Ghost | Lyrics Video 2019

    Today I’m kinda feelin like a ghost Call my friends but ain’t nobody home Tell myself I’m fine but I don’t really know I’m just scared that I’ll end up I’ll end up I’ll end up alone I never let […]

  • Sam Tsui – Muscle Memory | Lyrics Video 2019

    Got you on my skin Don’t know where you been But I remember how it feels, yeah It’s a new address But like we never left There’s something so familiar You know what’s written on my pages Still fluent in […]

  • Jessie Ware – Mirage (Don’t Stop) | Lyrics Visualiser

    Last night we danced And I thought you were saving my life Caught in the haze of the moon In the break of the lights I know what I want You can do what you want I know I said it before But you […]

  • Breathe Carolina – Drive | Lyrics Video 2019

    Used to drive around in this parking lot Still sound like you here, but I know you’re not Somewhere down the road, I guess you forgot How I helped you grow, damn, it hurts a lot How you feeling now, tell me the […]

  • The Script – If You Don’t Love Yourself | Lyric Video

    Look at me, I’m my own worst enemy Beat myself up now, every chance I see Nice to everyone, when it comes to me Cut myself up with brutal honesty How can you love if you don’t love yourself If you don’t love yourself […]

  • Two Feet – BBY | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Tell me what you want What you need from me baby Need from me baby Damn amazing Damn amazing Damn amazing Damn amazing I think I gotta let go Gotta let go I think I gotta let go Gotta let […]

  • Jason Derulo – Diamonds are Forever | Lyric Video

    Flawless like diamonds.. Girl you are Flawless like diamonds I’m nothing without you You keep me shining I can’t buy your love Your heart is priceless Diamonds are forever So I know you stay this way Flawless like diamonds Out […]