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  • Lil Tjay – Hold On | Lyrics Video 2019

    I think it’s time to shine I’ve been waitin’ so long Broski servin’ time He been gone for so long And I promise I’ma do this s**t for us Just hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on […]

  • A R I Z O N A – Problems | Lyrics Video 2019

    Sometimes I can’t tell If anybody even really likes me I shouldn’t care but I still do And that’s a little frightening Maybe it’s all in my head Maybe it’s me instead I should have stayed inside I never should have gotten outta […]

  • KSHMR feat. Nevve – Do Bad Well | Lyrics Video 2019

    Oh my daddy taught me well There’s some devils in heaven And some angels in hell So promise me child When they pull your card You’ll know, you’ll know Which one you are Oh, oh oh oh oh.. Yeah, my daddy taught me well […]

  • Echosmith – Lonely Generation | Lyrics Video 2019

    We’re the lonely generation A pixelated version of ourselves Empty conversations I’ve disconnected Now I’m by myself Here we are Left behind Looking through a screen Makes you feel alright Another day Another dime Looking in the wrong place For something right Ooh, ooh, […]

  • Michael Kiwanuka – Hero | Lyrics Video 2019

    I won’t change my name No matter what you call me I lost my only friend And I’ll grieve you ’till the end Am I your hero Am I your hero how To die a hero Is all that we […]

  • Kim Petras – Icy | Lyrics Video 2019

    Never loved nobody harder Never, ever felt stronger Thought that we would last forever Gave me something to believe in Thought that you were all I needed Look at me, I’m still breathin’ I used to cry over you, baby […]

  • Johnston Twinss – Everlasting Best Friends | Lyrics Video

    Best friends are hard to find But I’ve been blessed with mine No words can describe My love to you it’s undefined Yes, we fight and we always bumping heads But it’s me and you riding ’till the end If someone try you, […]

  • Niki & Phum Viphurit – Strange Land | Lyrics Audio

    Here for the nosedive Whatever you need And I’m saving all the bold lines I’ll say em while while you sleep You’re sleeping on the wrong side And I’m turning endlessly Screamin’ for my lifeline, lifeline, life Oooh, continental drifter […]

  • James Arthur feat. Travis Barker – You | Lyrics Video 2019

    Fighting, living, dying For what For freedom That’s what which men Have fought since time began To be free They’ve been making blanked statements Scaring everyone They’ve been making you feel like You never did belong Yeah, he said, and she said Yeah, […]

  • Alec Benjamin – At the Bottom (Demo) | Lyrics Audio

    Tryna get to the bottom Tryna get to your heart But I don’t, but I don’t But I don’t know where to start At the bottom But I’ve been kept in the dark And I don’t, and I don’t know where to start No […]

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