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  • Niki DeMar – Sad Holiday | Lyrics Video 2019

    It’s that special time of year With the streets lit through the night The radio is playin’ all Christmas songs People feel merry and bright I can’t wake up in the morning ‘Cause something doesn’t feel right Even though the holidays are coming I […]

  • 3LAU feat. XIRA – Tokyo | Lyrics Video 2019

    I’d move to Tokyo If that’s where you want to go Don’t have to go alone You can just let me know I’d move to Tokyo To London or Mexico Know that I said goodbye But can I still change […]

  • Steve Aoki, Sting & Shaed – 2 In A Million | Lyrics Video

    You said what are the chances We’d find each other Through all the madness I don’t need an answer I’ve always heard that These things just happen I know what you’re feelin’, I do ‘Cause you know I’m feelin’ it too No pill gets […]

  • Jonas Brothers – Like It’s Christmas | Lyric Video

    The snow on the ground The love in the air The sleigh bells are ringing This is what it’s all about The fire is warm The angels are singing And I don’t wanna miss A single thing Don’t wanna put […]

  • Liam Payne & Cheat Codes – Live Forever | Lyrics Video

    Jaded, faded Self-medicated I didn’t know I was waiting for you, yeah yeah Broken, smoking ‘Til you came into focus Sobered me up off of one hit of you Wasn’t even trying to chase a high I just didn’t wanna […]

  • Dove Cameron – Out Of Touch | Lyrics Video

    Woke up on the wrong side Of you this mornin’ Said some things last night In the heat of the moment You always forgive How could I forget You’ve been in my bed When I need somebody Yeah I put […]

  • blink-182 – Not Another Christmas Song | Lyrics Video

    I hate to be a downer But I spent too many hours Crossing days off the calendar It don’t mean nothing to me I’m burned out like lights on a tree Old songs, can’t listen to these Fake a smile […]

  • Halsey, Suga & BTS – Suga’s Interlude | Lyrics Audio

    I been trying all my life To separate the time In between the having it all And giving it up, yeah Nae meorissogen paransaekman Gadeukhan i banghwang Jagihyeomodeulgwa jamani Nae maeumsoge sara Kkumi gadeukhan nan jara Modeun kkumeul irwossgeonman Kkumeun kkumeuroman ganjikhaneun ge Deo […]

  • Camila Cabello – Feel It Twice | Lyrics Audio

    Oh, I’m scared if I look in your eyes I might see your soul I know love is the loneliest place When you fall alone Sitting by the phone Holding onto hope Spending all night Wondering why you let me go I wish you […]

  • Niall Horan – Put A Little Love On Me | Lyrics Video

    We fight, we get high Holding on to love We came down ‘Cause there was Nothing holding us Is it wrong that I still Wonder where you are Is it wrong that I still Don’t know my heart Are you all dressed up But […]