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  • Hamisa Mobetto – Nipotezee | Lyrics

    Zile stress maumivu potea Nishashindwa uvumilivu kuzoea Eti labda utabadilika nikangojea Kumbe zidi vya maficho wanionea Sasa niache kidogo, kidogo Sitaki shida mizozo, mizozo Kichwani wala na ukogo, na ukogo Ishanipoteaa Mi naona sina makombo, makombo Tena kwa si kimombo, […]

  • Darkoo feat. One Acen – Gangsta | Lyrics 2019

    I beg you babe-I beg you babe I beg you baby kick it to the left now If you wanna eat it no pressure I only do Range, no Tesla Balmain drippin, umbrella I’m tryna love you like a gangsta […]

  • Vybz Kartel – Quick Quick Quick | Lyrics

    Gyalis from birth From mi step up on di Earth From January 1st to December 31st Waterford, Portmore address Nuh listen some claffy Gyal yuh rolling wid di badest Mi remember di first time wi f**k She was older than mi yow When […]

  • Not3s – Princ3 | Lyrics 2019

    More cars I ain’t tryna be walking a lot New sims I ain’t tryna be talking a lot Fake guys can get air from me Cos I clocked them man force it a lot They say they drip but ain’t […]

  • Vybz Kartel – Protect Them | Lyrics 2019

    Yuh no cold like me Yuh no cold like me Mi nuh kill ooman, pickney No Duke, no don cya trick me No man nub safe but mi nah trouble pinky Quako mi wah catch yuh so quickly Nah touch yuh shirt, dat nuh […]

  • Tommy Lee Sparta – Shallow Grave | Lyrics

    Hmm, hey wise choice Bududup, hah Wah di style now Alright then One inna him mouth him love talk Iron mouth dog it go bark To BC the shotty mouth cut short Find him pronounce inna di car park And […]

  • Kelvyn Colt – Mile Away | Lyrics

    The end of the rainbow Is a mile away Is a mile away Closer to the edge I’m getting by the day Mi no want di dirty Mi want jelly water Give me girl a kiss And then I walk […]

  • Dremo – Chairman | Lyrics 2019

    Dremo Drizzy ya ya Me I want this money Money, money, money.. Codename Kami kami kami kami I dey make ways tsunami Bobo no go die untimely Walahi Oluwa got me Dope boy even in Abu Dhabi Got a badie […]

  • Vybz Kartel – Smoothie | Lyrics 2019

    Bounce pon di spot Whine pon di spot Bubble pon di Move pon di spot Move pon di spot..② C0ck up yuh batty, put yuh hand dem pon yuh head Wi could f**k forever and wi never buy ah bed Boring anuh you, […]

  • Vybz Kartel – Adiadking | Lyrics 2019

    Since 2002 Kartel is off Today is he getting faster and faster He’s immortal now Give it you raw like chicken inna Kentucky 05 till now mi wul da lead ya Ketch mi if you can you name nuh bolt […]