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  • Bankrol Hayden – Costa Rica | Lyrics 2020

    Aye, like, Costa Rica, swipe a visa 17, but I’m gon’ be a millionaire Drift a beamer, bloody sneakers, pack a wood And my sweat fit billionaire Costa Rica, swipe a visa 17, but I’m gon’ be a millionaire Drift a beamer, bloody sneakers, […]

  • Skinny – Mashallah | Lyrics 2020

    There’s nothing really left here to say 28 grams to the face When I’m feeling down and outta place I just light one up and feel amazing That feeling in your body so amazing Came up from nothing that’s amazing […]

  • Future feat. Drake – Life Is Good | Lyrics 2020

    Workin’ on the weekend like usual Way off in the deep end like usual N**gas swear they passed us, they doin’ too much Haven’t done my taxes, I’m too turnt up Virgil got that Patek on my wrist goin’ nuts N**gas caught me slippin’ […]

  • King Iso – G.I.’SO | Lyrics 2020

    Iso, superhero s**t Rockstar s**t I tried to be a hero, they gon’ turn me to a villain Smoking on this herb but they be hurt ’cause I’m winnin’ Like the Amazon I’m boutta burn ’em for a minute People shopping Amazon but they […]

  • Stormzy – Still Disappointed | Lyrics 2020

    Yeah, Wiley man I’m still disappointed Aight, one more dub, then it’s back to business I’m a real G, and your dad’s a witness Boy’d your bro, then your sister begged it I told that little b**ch, don’t ask for pictures I do this […]

  • Lil Mosey feat. Trippie Redd – Never Scared | Lyrics

    Yeah, yeah ooh Ayy, Royce..④ You did it right here Rich n**ga to the right You broke, get over there I was really runnin’ Since a baby was never scared I’m the biggest n**ga in my city Could be the […]

  • Stormzy – Disappointed | Lyrics 2020

    Disappointed So disappointed Hmm, yo I came to your show and move to your brother In front of your dad Your old man just stood there pissed I said pops, why you look so sad You shoulda known better You know I had […]

  • Antonio Brown – Whole Lotta Money | Lyrics

    Whole lotta money Whole lotta money I gotta whole lotta money Whole lotta money I gotta whole lotta money Whole lotta money I gotta whole lotta money You can’t hold nothin’ from me I gotta whole lotta money..⑤ Whole lotta money I gotta whole […]

  • Rizzoo Rizzoo & Ugly God – UglyGoblin | Lyrics

    Flavor God, Ugly God You recording right now, drip Rizzoo Rizzoo cuttin’ up, it’s hot I’m blowin’ Cookie, drop fours in a Fanta Step in that ho with a bag like I’m Santa Hopped out of the Masi’ and jumped in the Phantom N**ga […]