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  • YNW BSlime – Homework | Lyrics Video 2019

    I’m gettin’ to a check While I’m steppin’ on they necks, woah Might need a Patek On my wrist for the time, bro The say, oh, my bad When they see me, I be on go Never lose my cool I’m too smooth, yeah, […]

  • Trippie Redd – Love Me More | Lyrics Video 2019

    I wish that you would love me I wish that you would love me more Nobody else but me Like, shawty, what you asking for And lil’ b**ch, I’m right here, ayy Like, shawty, what you looking for yay, yay […]

  • Yung Pinch – Cross My Mind | Lyrics Video 2019

    Hello, you have 714 missed calls To listen to your newest voicemail, press 1 Hope I see you again someday, Beach Boy I had the time of my life with you last night Next message Well, this is it, last […]

  • Yung Bans – Partna in Crime | Lyrics Video 2019

    Woke up with money on my mind No nine to five I think I’m ’bout to rob today I got that Nina on my side, partner in crime Don’t wanna have to blow ya brain I love my main b**ch and my side […]

  • Miguel – Funeral | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Send my regards to the mother and father ‘Cause somebody’s daughter I just f**king slayed Blood on the carpet, it came from my heart Once I start, I can’t stop it, and now we are prey I wanna dive in you tonight Wouldn’t that […]

  • 21 Savage – Immortal | Lyrics Video 2019

    21, I feel like the motherf**kin’ Grim Reaper The biggest smoke blower Put a motherf**kin’ chimney on my stick Brand new MAK-90 with the drum attached You a s**t talker, we got drums for that Tryna fist fight Boy, you […]

  • dvsn feat. Future – No Cryin | Lyric Video 2019

    Too many chances, too many advances Too many nights out here spaced on other planets Everything’s outstanding, I feel everlasting We can do anything, I just don’t feel romantic Don’t you go backwards Don’t you go back to him Too […]

  • Young Dolph – Tric Or Treat | Lyrics Video 2019

    Once upon a time It was a lil n**ga from South Memphis, um I think they call ’em Dolph About 2009 that lil n**ga started rappin’ But he said he gonna be his own boss 2010 he jumped his first […]

  • Kevin Gates – By My Lonely | Lyrics Video 2019

    Killers in my hood They know me by my first name You know ’em by their work name I know ’em by their birth name Type of weight make a man Stand on principle Kill yourself but get your whole fam Slammed on principle […]