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  • Lil Durk feat. 21 Savage – Die Slow | Lyrics Video 2019

    For the n**ga that killed my cousin Make sure he die slow I know a killer that’s ready to shoot something But he shoot with his eyes closed Better watch how you speak on that OTF s**t ‘Cause s**t, I’d […]

  • JP Cooper ft. Stefflon Don, Banx & Ranx – The Reason Why

    Oh I, I feel like I can be myself with you All these feelings came out of the blue I found love, I’m lost in your perfume It takes me over Oh, won’t ya come closer Your head on my shoulder Can’t keep my […]

  • Eric Bellinger – Tapped In | Lyrics Video 2019

    Ayy, I’m my own boss Ayy, made it to the top ’cause I did it my way I do what I want I don’t give a f**k what a n**ga gotta say Ayy, I’m my own boss Ayy, made it to the top […]

  • Lupe Fiasco – Hey Lupe | Lyrics Video 2019

    You know wassup now I stroll through the underworld In my uptowns Til im over the hill I push touch downs It’s over, I’m healed I put my crutch down My vision is clear The central divison is here They […]

  • Domingo feat. Duke Deuce – Murda | Lyrics Video 2019

    Ay, Duke Deuce What the f**k these n**gas talkin’ ’bout man Ay, they got us f**ked up Y-R-N Money, paper, racks, cash, blue hunnids, guapa-nese Foreign b**ches, suckin’, f**kin’, got ’em all, on they knees All my n**gas totin’ pistols, […]

  • Jay-Ar & Xiaoling – International | Lyrics Video 2019

    Oh God I don’t pray much Cuz I’m striving now for greatness I’m like champagne for this dry game When I catch you by the throat Flow so sick call it liquid gold Xiaoling we blowing up We foreign I […]

  • NLE Choppa – Forever | Lyrics Video 2019

    Ayy, I  hate the way you look You got a smile like your momma How you make a n**ga happy Through my pain and my drama And  we cruising up in traffic With the top down in the summer I […]