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  • Wiley feat. Scrufizzer – Mazza | Lyrics Audio 2020

    Hear me on a mazza, it’s a mazza We ain’t sitting down, we gotta stan’ up No check bro, no bad-up I know what’s up in the air, I’m skyscanner Hear me on a mazza, it’s a banger None of my bruddas are goal […]

  • Khaligraph Jones – Best Rapper in Nigeria | Lyrics Audio

    I’m the best rapper in Nigeria right now I am Nigerian right now And I’m the best rapper Motif, what’s up Huh, guess you the sacrificial lamb Funny how you tryna get even They already crowned the king You should wait for the next […]

  • Jacob Latimore & Calboy – Details | Lyrics Video

    Yeah-yeah Ooh woah-woah You know how we come All around the world Ooh woah-woah, oh Details, details I’ve been looking forward to your sweet smell Trying on your clothes like it’s retail Baby where you going tonight Baby girl, my lil’ baby girl Baddie […]

  • Lil Wayne feat. Poppy H, Corey Henry & Funktet – Playoff

    Ball like the playoffs Get down and lay down Lay down and stay down Ball like the playoffs Can’t take a day off Can’t take a day off Ball like the playoffs Get down and lay down Lay down and stay down Can’t take […]

  • Hovey Benjamin – Never Too Much | Lyrics Video

    Almost stop myself before I do too much Hovey Benjamin made this beat, yeah I smoke, I drink, I roll, I sip But never do too much I lean, I trip a little bit I’m good and that’s enough Yeah […]

  • Key Glock – Look At They Face | Lyrics Video 2020

    Yeah I heard them n**gas hating ‘Cause I’m up now I’ve been makin’ plays all day I touch down I remember them days I used to pray For a buss down Now look at they face Look at they face […]

  • Wiley & D Double E – Back 2 Back | Lyrics Audio 2020

    Don’t wanna chat about bars Then I come tru and draw from my E3 bars Been tru beef, got couple scars At the other end, man’s still got heart Raise levels on the mic here, that is the task Merk shows in the clubs […]

  • Wiley – Flick In The Air | Lyrics Audio 2020

    Eastside got the ‘Claren in the city That’s us yep, taking the Mickey When the Lambo drops, frightening Good ’cause my life’s been trekking and hiking Westside got the drip for the year Bro said I been sick for the year This run’s gonna […]

  • Wiz Khalifa – Real Rappers Rap | Lyrics Video 2020

    Remember back when N**ga rolled up blunts instead of papers Wasn’t too many haters Just a couple fools I had problems with And if I seen ’em, it was a while before I got ’em But at least I copped ’em Sunk in […]