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  • Stunna 4 Vegas feat. Blac Youngsta – Change My Life

    Young rich n**ga, I bought all my ice And I’m pourin’ Wock’ on ice I’m on their ass like white on rice F**kin’ that b**ch, I don’t give her advice Signed with Baby, s**t changed my life My n**gas gon’ slide, […]

  • Luh Kel & IV Jay – Tweakin | Lyrics

    You got me tweakin’ All in my feelings Oh, but I like it I can’t deny it You know what you doing Give brain like a Bruin Oh you be wildin’ When I’m inside it No cappin you got me Your face and […]

  • Trevor Daniel – Falling | Lyrics

    My last made me feel like I would never try again But when I saw you, I felt something I never felt Come closer, give you all my love If you treat me right, baby, I’ll give you everything..② Talk […]

  • Eminem feat. Young M.A – Unaccommodating | Lyrics

    Oh, this what we doin’, alright, M.A I like a b**ch that like to wobble, wobble Shake it, shake it, break it, break it N**ga, we made it, made it, they hate it, hate it Pro professional, pure persistent, I’m paper chasing I hate […]

  • Eminem feat. Juice WRLD – Godzilla | Lyrics

    I can swallow a bottle of alcohol And I’ll feel like Godzilla Better hit the deck like the card dealer My whole squad’s in here Walking around the party A cross between a zombie Apocalypse and big Bobby The Brain Heenan which is probably […]

  • 2 Chainz feat. Future – Dead Man Walking | Lyrics

    I see dead men walking Buddah Bless this beat I see dead men walking I see dead men walking..④ She got a straight pin walkin’ I got the dead men flockin’ I got the hand-held rocket I never count a […]

  • Sero El Mero – Babble La Bab | Lyrics 2020

    Deutsche Rapper wollen flow’n Und man versteht von ihnen kein’n Satz Deutsche Rapper klingen so.. Babble la, babble la, babble la bab Ha, ich versteh’ von dir kein’n Satz Ha, ich versteh’ von dir kein’n Satz Ha, babble la, babble la bab Ha, […]

  • Eminem – Darkness | Lyrics 2020

    I don’t wanna be alone I don’t wanna be I don’t wanna be alone In the darkness I don’t wanna be alone In the darkness I don’t wanna be alone In the darkness anymore Here I am, alone again Can’t get out of this […]

  • Rich The Kid feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Money Talk

    I need hittas on the rave N**ga, watch the money talk Hmm, yeah, n**ga, watch the money talk You hear that, all that B**ch, I am the boss, no, ain’t no talkin’ to me I need a chick, no, I ain’t talkin’ for free […]

  • DigDat & Aitch – Ei8ht Mile | Lyrics 2020

    Yo, I don’t really f**k with the trap like that But the income coming in fast Never had one grand to my name Left work, same year, made money off rap When I sit back, think life changed Same way I’m still Aitch, that’s […]