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  • Upchurch – Hollerboys | Lyrics Video 2019

    Whoa, whoa The only poison I’ve had is ivy The only man I fear is God No snakes can make me run now ‘Cause I’ve been bit by ’em all No buck can stare me down No neighbor can shut […]

  • Doobie – Angels Don’t Fly | Lyrics Video 2019

    I’m all outta wishes again Here I am I’ll be my only friend Hold my Hand Follow me into the darkness If you ain’t scared Ashes to ashes, dust to dust We all die one day I want you to know Angel don’t fly […]

  • Father Before Me – Melody for Death | Lyrics Video 2019

    I’m running scared and in between All these colorful shades of forest green Lost in the woods so it would seem Just to be stuck here in my own dream As the heat escapes my breath I played a melody […]

  • Upchurch – Ghost Ranch | Lyrics Video 2019

    There’s smoke on a hill deep in the woods Comin’ from a run down cabin The lights come on when the rain pours down And the tin roof’s makin’ racket It has a tree stump burned with the lyrics of […]

  • Lady Antebellum – Boots | Lyrics Video 2019

    There’s some scratches and some holes From rusted nails Had some dirt and dust From all those broken trails But you shined them up brand new Girl like only you could do Somehow you put this Runaway train back on […]

  • Yungblud feat. Dan Reynolds – Original Me | Lyrics Video

    I’m so sick of me Wake up and hate to breathe And I pride myself in that So dramatic, I’ll admit I’m so typical My life ain’t difficult But I’m so caught up in it Just a lowlife, I’ll admit I’m self-critical Tryhard […]

  • Bishop Briggs – Jekyll & Hide | Lyrics Video 2019

    Burn in a time of love Facing the winds of pain Storm’s brewing up above I was breaking I was breaking Just to raise you up From the grave of your mistakes Pleasure is a kind of pain Have I had enough ‘Cause I […]

  • Sam Hunt – Kinfolks | Lyrics Audio 2019

    I saw you going by, I had to say hello I don’t mean to pry, but girl, I gotta know What is your name How come I ain’t seen you around before Now you know I ain’t ever had a type, having a type […]

  • Foals – Into The Surf | Lyrics Video 2019

    If you come again I’ll be sure to send The tide to come meet you And if I come again Please be sure to send The moon to come meet me I’ll eat up all your pain Take in all […]

  • boy pablo – Feeling Lonely | Lyrics Video 2019

    I woke up this morning Feeling lonely You were gone and my cell phone too But what is this feeling Empty inside my head Feels like a heart attack Ohh ohh, wooh I miss you so bad The thought of […]