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  • Hollywood Undead – Already Dead | Lyrics Audio 2019

    It’s the year of the snake Friends are overrated So let’s make no mistake I watch from a distance While you poison the lake A trail of ash that you leave in your wake Knock me down, but I get back up In the […]

  • Ice Nine Kills – Thriller | Lyrics Audio 2019

    It’s close to midnight Something evil’s lurking from the dark Under the moonlight You see a sight that almost stops your heart You try to scream But terror takes the sound before you make it You start to freeze As horror looks you right […]

  • Yungblud – braindead! | Lyrics Visualizer 2019

    I just wanna be pretty brain-dead I just wanna be pretty brain-dead..④ You lock me out, you lock me in You smote my soul and I can’t win It’s over now before it begins Just suck this salt to cleanse […]

  • The Dark Element – The Pallbearer Walks Alone | Lyrics

    There are children who’ll never be born There are souls that can never be saved There are dreams that will never come true So just pray it won’t happen to you There are houses that shouldn’t be built There are […]

  • Palaye Royale – Hang On To Yourself | Lyrics Video 2019

    Diamond doll face Dreamer girl With the messed up coke teeth Poppies and pearls Wearing in my new cold sweat Like some viewed up dead beat minor threat We got the love in automatic Bang bang, now hear me shout […]

  • Waterparks – Easy To Hate | Lyrics Video 2019

    Frustrate me backwards into bed My blue and green They turned to red, oh-ooh I used to save the words you said In the texts that you would send When you were going to bed It’s like you were yellow But the lights were […]

  • Ice Nine Kills – Your Number’s Up | Lyrics Video

    Hello Hello there.. Who’s this Soon you’ll discover I’m sorry sir, but I think you have the wrong number In just a minute you’ll be dying to hang on the line Tell me your name, I’ll tell you mine My […]

  • Two Feet – You? | Lyrics Video 2019

    Girl, don’t tell me your problems I don’t want to solve them I don’t really care And you had a lot on your mind now Your mind, it’s true So tell me the truth, was it me then Who needed you Who […]