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  • Lionheart – When I Get Out | Lyrics Video 2019

    At seventeen I was kicking in doors Smokin hella ports Smash and grab Imma take what I can’t afford Get rich or die young and poor Get rich or die young and poor Go Seventeen years old Knowing I’m forever […]

  • Hollywood Undead – Time Bomb | Lyrics Visual

    I’m a social casualty, watching all your vanity You’ll become a memory of someone else’s legacy, yeah F**k a trendsetter, social pressure’s the enemy Someone else’s life is becoming your identity I walk the line one step at a time All these motherf**kers try […]

  • Neon Trees – Used To Like | Lyrics Audio 2019

    If only you were lonely Maybe I was holy We could be together Bending over backwards You become an actor Be my thrill forever You once told me I was all you had I guess I know life And it […]

  • Our Last Night – Outnumbered | Lyrics Audio

    Keep your head up As you wonder these streets You heart is strong When your flesh feels weak Waiting for the sun You can hardly breathe You’re suffocating Surrounded by enemies There’s danger in the shadows But you don’t have to go alone […]

  • Our Last Night – Lost | Lyrics Audio 2019

    When I was lost, I was searching For someone to be the light To follow through the dark No one was there I promise you when you’re lost I will save you I wanna be the one To lead you through the dark I’ll […]

  • Bring Me The Horizon – Ludens | Lyric Video

    Some resist the future Some refuse the past Either way, it’s messed up If we can’t unplug the fact That a world covered in cables Was never wired to last So don’t act so surprised When the program starts to crash How do I […]

  • Our Last Night – When Humans Become Our Gods | Lyrics

    False prophets lead the way With smiles on their faces Not worthy of our praise When humans become our gods Feeding on our faith Our spirit fades away We’ll never ease the pain When humans become our gods We beg […]

  • Walk off the Earth – I’ll Be There | Lyrics Video 2019

    When the tears are rolling down Like a river to the ocean And there’s no one else around You won’t question my devotion Everybody needs somebody And you got me You know that I know That you know that I’ll […]

  • The Dark Element – Not Your Monster | Lyrics Video 2019

    Once we We were the young and the tragic Trying to make our magic in This world of temporary things We were Searching for sweet perfection Turning it to affliction while Not knowing fact from fiction I was thoughtless Never […]

  • Bon Jovi – Unbroken | Lyrics Video 2019

    I was born to be of service Camp Lejeune just felt like home I had honor, I found purpose Sir, yes, sir, that’s what I know They sent us to a place I never heard of weeks before When you’re nineteen, it ain’t hard to sleep In the […]