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  • Belmont – By My Side (Lyrics | Video 2019)

    Push it all back, keep yourself fed Keep yourself fed with the right mind With the right mindset Push it all back, keep yourself fed Keep yourself fed with the right mind With the right mindset I can’t make up My mind is made […]

  • Stand Atlantic – Hate Me (Sometimes) Lyrics | Video

    Oh where did I go wrong Limbs in a noose Thought I’d be better, but written off to tell you the truth Dead in the water, carry me home Get off on whiplash, I’m losing myself red and I’m blue I set fires so […]

  • Lacuna Coil – Reckless (Lyrics | Video 2019)

    Tonight it’s coming down To hell with all the innocence The signs are all around I’ve had enough Wasted too much time Afraid to cross the line Enough with alibis You make me, make me reckless You make me reckless […]

  • Grayscale – Tommy’s Song (Lyrics | Audio 2019)

    Lyrics “Tommy’s Song” – Grayscale Eyes stinging red, from tears clouding focus My edges broken glass, shattered, dull and bolus I sat in your living room, the same one That you snuck through for 20 years Tried to live them […]

  • Bleached – Daydream (Lyrics | Video 2019)

    Lyrics “Daydream” performed by Bleached Chewing on straws, staring at walls You were talking to somebody new What a disgrace, what a mistake It wasn’t me you were talking to I thought that this was just a phase We said […]

  • Neil Young with Crazy Horse – Milky Way (Lyrics | Audio)

    Lyrics “Milky Way” – Neil Young with Crazy Horse She was lookin’ like a friend of mine The first time I saw her face I was approaching at the end of the line The first time I ever saw her smile at me that […]

  • Wage War – Grave (Lyrics | Video 2019)

    Lyrics “Grave” – Wage War You’re still the person I remember Make sure they’re watching So you’re the center of attention I start to wear thin Your mind’s the drug And you skipped the intervention You will never change You […]

  • Wind Rose – Drunken Dwarves (Lyrics | Video 2019)

    Lyrics “Drunken Dwarves” – Wind Rose One mug filled with mead til the morning Too much for an elf Two more mugs full of mead til the morning Add more from the shelf There’s three mugs filled with mead til […]

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