August Alsina – Like You Love Me (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Like You Love Me” / August Alsina

I feel lately when I get up in there
You be acting different
You feel putting your feelings all up in it
Goin’ de detrimental

But I don’t want you to hold back
You you you you
Know that we better than that

When I pull up to your bumper, hope inside
Don’t know but take a little ride, enjoy the ride
Girl get out of your mind put it all on the line
And I think you and I will turn out fine

Girl if you just
F**k me like you love me..③
F**k me like you love me, yeeahh

Girl won’t you just
F**k me like you love me..②
F**k me like you love me, oh yeah

‘Cause you love
The way I’m hitting that
You love
The way I’m kissing it
You love
Ooh, how deep I get
You love
To know that I’m with
Whaterver ss long as you
F**k me like you love me..③
Yeah yeah…

➤ Written by August Alsina
Produced by The Exclusives
August Alsina 2018

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