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Lyrics “Specificity” – Atmosphere

And you should try to see us live
Before you’re dead
You need this like you need another hole in your head
Listen, this is how you open the set

And when I’m done I leave it smoking
It must be broken
It belongs at that island of trash out in the ocean
Tell me how you doin’, how you copin’

S**t, your paintbrush might have made the stars in space
But they ain’t got nothing on my partner’s face
I had to read it, study it, learn what I was up against
Burn the older testaments of what we used to struggle with

You complain but you’re still in the soaking rain
Hoping that she’ll come and open up the drain
The years go by you grow that grain
Until you try to find a bowling lane
Where somebody knows your name

I wish it was as simple as a sitcom, from the eighties
I wanna crack jokes and raise babies
With a laugh track and aww for s**t that the kids do
Ooh and whistles every time that I kiss you
Girl, I wanna call the front desk
And tell them everything’s messed up
The whole world’s messed up
But then I remember
I’ve got a home I can go to

Come here, let me hold you
I wanna show you what I’ve got in my mind
But I’m afraid of what you might not find
I guess I’m paranoid that it ain’t worth your time

Ooh, I don’t know what the hell to do
But if I’m welcome to tell the truth
I guess I wanna put a spell on you

➤ Written by Slug
Album: Mi Vida Local
Produced by Ant
Atmosphere | 2019

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