Arando Marquez – Heey (Official Audio)

Arando Marquez performing Heey (Official Audio 2017) 

Versuri (lyrics): Heey  

Baby when you touch me
Love is running through my veins
Da, da
Baby when you hold me
Tell me do you feel the same
Da, da
Run away, don’t you run away
Got you all inside my brains
Da, da
Baby when you call me
I want you to scream my name

And closer and closer, we’re getting in so closer
Imma treat you like no other girls I’ve seen
Show me a little intimacy cuz there’s no one else to see
Imma a bring it to my fantasy
Cuz baby when you touch me
With all those people watching
With the messages you send
You know how the night will end
Baby, you gon’ make me screaming like a lion
Touch me
Da, da
Hold me
Da, da

Touch me Hold me
Touch me Hold me
I want you to scream my name

When you touch me
When you hold me…

➤ Composed by Mihai Mircea Vlaicu, Dumitru – Bogdan Pauna
Lyrics by George Papagheorghe
Published by Roton Music Publishing
Roton Music TV 2017

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