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Lyrics Nobody Else But You – Anth

I drank too much
In my LA apartment
So drunk and broken hearted
Thinking ’bout you

Got me f**ked up
That last time in the hotel
All of those texts and e-mails
What did you do

I don’t know what imma do
I just wanna be with you
Different women coming through
Tell the lobby 102
And we saying the same thing every time
But you’re still what’s on my mind

Said she dropping out of school
And she just turned 22
Singer but she model too
Doesn’t give it up too soon
Doesn’t matter, they always stay the night
But something don’t feel right
Feel right

I don’t need..④
Nobody else but you

‘Cause I’ve been out with AZ
Parties on the daily
I’ve been telling Macy
She say that I’m crazy

Pictures on your Snapchat
Thought you weren’t about that
You were such a good girl
Now I f**king doubt that

You told me that you loved me but you didn’t mean that
I gave you all my trust and then you threw it right back
Told too many lies, I guess you couldn’t keep track
I know I wasn’t perfect but you didn’t have to do me like that

But you
Girl but you
Always were too good to be true
But I can’t even lie, you know I still miss you
I still miss you

I don’t need..④
Nobody else but you…

➤ Written by Anthony Melo, Conor Maynard
Album: S.I.N.R. (EP)
Produced by Conor Maynard
Anth | 2019

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