Angelo De Augustine, Sufjan Stevens – Blue Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Blue – Angelo De Augustine feat. Sufjan Stevens

Friend of mine
Just between us I’ve been moving towards the light
Now you’ve gone from my eyes
All my life I’ve been so low
I don’t know why

So blue, blue


I turned five
You left mother on her own to raise a child
Thought she would take her life
Than to see you with your woman on the side

So blue, blue

My madonna prayed
The child saved her life this way
Now I’m born again everyday

Between my eyes
Is an ocean
You сan feel it if you try
Not unlike a howling wind
Like a tempest in the open hearts of men


So true, true
So true…

➤ Written by Angelo De Augustine
Mix: Angelo De Augustine
Master: Greg Reierson
Produced by Greg Reierson, Angelo De Augustine & Sufjan Stevens
Angelo De Augustine | Sufjan Stevens | 2020

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