Amy Lee – If You’re A Star (Animated Video)

Amy Lee performing If You’re A Star (Animated Video 2016) 

Versuri (lyrics)  If You’re A Star 

The stars are shining brἰght
And I wonder what they’re seeing
Can they see me watching them
Stars come out at night
I wonder if they’re ever sleeping
I wonder if they’re dreaming

How do you sleep at night
If you can never turn off your light
How do you sleep at night if you’re a star..

The Earth is beautiful at night
Fireflies are dancing
Listen to the crickets sing
Fireworks ignite
Exploding in a rainbow
Making all the trees glow

How do you sleep at night
With all the magical things in sight
How do you sleep at night if you’re a star

We need stars to show us the way home
And help us to see in the dark
If you’re feeling lonely just look up high
They’re with you wherever you are

It’s time to say goodnight
But the stars are busy listening
Cause everybody’s wishing
I wish I may, I wish I might
That the stars will know I’m grateful
They’re so very faithful

Thank you for all your light
And making the world so bright
How do you sleep at night ἰf you’re a star…