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YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Toxic Punk Lyrics | Audio

Lyrics Toxic Punk – YoungBoy Never Broke Again / NBA YoungBoy Pipe that s**t up, TnT DMac on the f**kin’ track When trouble make the beat He only have to play it once Take one, I’m gon’ take one Yeah.. and it’s Lil Top, n**ga Double R, double R with this, man You can call […]

Nba Youngboy – Green Dot Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Green Dot – Nba Youngboy / YoungBoy Never Broke Again Dump s**t, you know that I’m walking with it on me I say stomp him, then that’s when they stepping on your homie I say stretch him, catch me murder walking then I bang Pushing next to them, rip down, draw down on you […]

NBA YoungBoy – How I Been Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics How I Been – NBA YoungBoy / YoungBoy Never Broke Again Countin’ money, working on myself That’s if you wonder how I been, I been Wishin’ if you there with someone else I hope they love you like I did, I did Say you love me but you can’t The s**t you do for […]

NBA YoungBoy – Get Me Killed Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Get Me Killed – NBA YoungBoy / YoungBoy Never Broke Again I told my bro, I love you You don’t owe me s**t my n**ga Might love my girl to death But I don’t trust no b**ch my n**ga She said she with me forever, I tell her, no that’s ’til ‘Til I do […]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Doomed Lyrics | Official Audio

Lyrics Doomed – YoungBoy Never Broke Again / NBA Youngboy How many hours or how many days It’s gonna take for to clear out my mind Or maybe this s**t gon’ forever be with me I just gotta handle with time Can you help me understand what’s wrong I’m in it can’t quit it, we […]

Nba Youngboy – Emotional Torn Lyrics | Official Audio

Lyrics Emotional Torn Lyrics – Nba Youngboy Say my prayers so I know im protected soon as I walk in Seeming like that im the one that they don’t wanna see win I need my brother, just like my backbone, you more than my friend Who gone be here by time my bag gone, hope more than my kids […]

Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Automatic Lyrics

Lyrics Automatic – Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again All these foreigns automatic They know where we come from Now they see us livin’ lavish And I done fell in love with all that money I wan’ marry it My n**gas in the feds, they almost had it They was grabbin’ it Fresher […]

Nba YoungBoy – Thrasher Lyrics | Official Video

Lyrics Thrasher – Nba YoungBoy / YoungBoy Never Broke Again Hol’ on Polo tee, black Amiri jeans, like a trophy That ain’t water Bans, Polo pick codeine, I am that man Polo thuggin’, she wanna f**k me ’cause my sack bigger Hol’ on, come and see, brand new keys, that’s a Tesla I said I’m sick of all this […]


NBA YoungBoy – Casket Fresh Lyrics | Official Audio

Lyrics Casket Fresh – NBA YoungBoy / YoungBoy Never Broke Again Casket fresh, duckin’ feds No my lady, I’m not like the rest Why you don’t act the same It’s throwin’ my mind off I’m gon’ stay the same Can’t change on my dawgs I guess you don’t f**k with a n**ga I tried to […]