Amen Dunes – Believe | Lyrics

Lyrics “Believe” – Amen Dunes

I believe, can’t deny it
Seen heaven, don’t get down
When I was a kid I was afraid to die
But I growed up now

Radio’s on, and they’re playing my song back in 1992
Things were simpler baby, you heard everyone say
But don’t make it true

If I’m caught in the hour of dark
Won’t laugh, won’t make a sound
I won’t scream, and I won’t get excited
I know God’s underground

Well, seems to me baby, you don’t want to stay
That’s okay if that’s true
Life goes on, and this is just a song
But still I do it for you

I can feel it in the air tonight
Summer’s almost done
They said you lived out on the wrong side
You said that’s half the fun

Let’s not talk too heavy
I see ‘im, it’s all around
It goes back, all things at last
Return where they belong

I believe it, I’ve been spared
I’m not down
To follow …
I’m not teasing
I’m not down
I’m not down, do it for you
I’m not down, do it for you

Do it for you, I’m not down
Do it for you, you feel it too
Can’t stop a kid from singing
Do it for you, I’m not down

Be strong, thick skinned
Heart starts racing, the head starts moving
When things go black, I got you
She said, she said, she said, she said
Keep …
Don’t stop, do it

When things go black, I got you…

➤ Produced by Chris Coady
Album: Freedom
Amen Dunes 2018