Alex G – New Normal (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “New Normal” by Alex G

You and me 99
Making a promise
I wasn’t prepared
But I didn’t mind
Oh, we were just kids
In anticipation
Long gone were the days
Of dreaming alone

You were my new, new normal
You were my new, new normal

Just as we began
Creating habit
Love in the shape of a child
Changed everything
Oh, they were just kids
Painting our whole world
I can’t remember what life
Was like before

They were our new, new normal
They were our new, new normal

We gain, we grow
We think we know
Then everything changes
Rebuild, relearn
We make it work

Me, here in the bed
You used to lay in
Kids are growing up fine
But missing you so
Oh, time is a sweet
Bitter reminder
That love, once in a while
Has to let go

This is my new, new normal
This is my new, new normal…

➤ Composer: Alex G
Mix: Alex G
Master: Fabio Yamamoto
Producer: Alex G & Lucas Taffo
Alex G 2018

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