Alessandro Danescu – Me and You (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Me and You” by Alessandro Danescu

Late night they coming thru
My mind is blowing too
Every step I take thru
Reminds me of me and you

I cannot see the truth
We are lonely, just me and you

I see all the black and blue
Where another love arise too
Where’s the love, where’s the true
All we say is just me and you…

➤ Written by: Alessandro Danescu, Militaru Cristian Gabriel, Irina Florea, Bunghez Alexandru, Stefan Paraschiv
Mixing & Mastering: Undervibe / Voices Studio Bucuresti
Produced by: Militaru Cristian Gabriel, Alessandro Danescu
Song Produced by Voices Media Studios
Video Directed by Isabella Szanto
Cat Music 2017

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