Action Bronson – White Bronco (Official Video)

Lyrics “White Bronco” by Action Bronson

Yeah, it’s true, the Lamborghini truck light blue
The shotty down my leg and we stuck like glue
My shorty like, damn, nobody f**k like you
One love to my uptown crew

This new s**t swing like Tiger at the Masters
Man, I don’t f**k with none of these bastards
I’m like a f**king father to these bastards
Shut the f**k up and eat your pudding

Twenty alligators die for this s**t I put my foot in
You barely got your footing, everything I do, they said I couldn’t
Now it’s middle finger up with the hoodie
Eyes dumb low blowing goodie goodie

Baklava, bestseller
How we celebrate Went to 125 and bought a red leather
Man, your boy is on another planet
He just sitting in the whip by himself bumping Janet
Rhythm Nation, living life without no limitations

Tryna have enough money that’ll fill the basement
And enough drugs to fill my face with
And enough to give the M6 a facelift
Turn that motherf**ker to a spaceship
All these women calling me Taye Diggs
It’s me (yeah, yup, yeah, yeah, yeah)

And I’m just out here living my best life
And I’m just out here living my best life
And I’m just out here living my best life

But somebody always tryna f**k it up…

➤ Produced by The Special Victims Unit & Daringer
Album: White Bronco
Action Bronson 2018

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