9lokknine – Bakkwoods Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics Bakkwoods – 9lokknine

I said when we crashin’, ain’t no turnin’ back
Forever pistol-packin’, I ain’t tryna lack
Them n**gas talkin’ that s**t, we flippin’ habitats
Swear them n**gas need a movie, h*es, the way they act

I catch a flight and had him whacked, night, that pressure pack
S**t is 4Block or no block to a savage
I’m conceited and them D’s, she over average
Everything she want, she know she get, ain’t gotta ask for s**t

This that sauce, baby
Fishtail when you pull out
I’d never leave it in you, baby
You a come around
Ain’t got a bust down yet
But time runnin’ out
He wanna bust down the check
I’m finna buck the guy
Whip my pistol out
Then show him what it’s really ’bout
I know your momma told you
Ain’t no love between them yellow lines
Up in that road, they be likin’ that Lil B s**t
‘Til a n**ga get gone
All these h*es I adopt
But I just play my lil’ role

I gotta watch them b**ches close to see
I gotta watch them b**ches close to see
Ayy, ayy, they know we clean, we like to sweep s**t
Aw man, now she noticed me

H*es look at me, it’s been official, I don’t prolong
They could drop the drawers
And I don’t give a s**t and send that ass home
They say I’m disrespectful ’cause a young n**ga say he grown
But I don’t get it disrespectful unless you raisin’ yo’ tone

You say yo’ n**gas’ killers, send your killer at me
Y’all jits was never on that Tommy, stop that flaggin’
They gon’ tell somebody Jacq, quit all that rackin’
Them old n**gas might slide, them jits cappin’
‘Cause it’s a Buck world, a cold-cut world, get stabbed
That s**t hurt me ’til the day that I put Buck off in the casket
Moral of the story, don’t believe no story, ’cause this what happened
Mind yo’ f**kin’ business, b**ch, we spinnin’ s**t

Pop us like you on parole or you got sentenced, jit
You gon’ need a doctor for your exit wounds, we enterin’
Dope sold, money fold, boy, then you can shop again
Aimin’ at your pizza roll, poof, he Houdini, dead

He goin’ ’round tellin’ h*es that G9 don’t want his head
Get that s**t done, no f**k-ups, you get a loaf of bread
I thought 1D was one hundred ’til that p**sy boy went fed
And I’m tellin’ you they trollin’, they just do that for publicity
I won’t ever do no ho s**t, ’cause it ain’t a dot of b**ch in me
Too real for this rap s**t, ain’t nothin’ like the industry
When I catch my number upside down, I swear he history
I’d say your name, but I’d be puttin’ fame on it

I ain’t tryna say yo’ name unless it’s R.I.P. before it
I’m talkin’ piss in peace, I’m mean piss in sleep, s**t, that’s pistol Pete
Why you mention me ’cause if it beef then they gon’ come for we
His heart thumpin’ now, I got that b**ch soundin’ like McGee

Just spittin’ fire, I’m talkin’ hotter than an STD
556, dumb it down, a hunnid rounds, that b**ch was stutterin’
They ain’t know nothin’, we wet s**t up, now it’s a flooded scene
I’m tellin’ you, them n**gas speak on my cousin, then it’s Halloween
I’m maskin’ up…

9lokknine | 2019