6LACK – A Letter To My Fans | Audio

A Letter To My Fans – 6LACK

This took longer than I promised
But some promises are meant to be broken

When it comes to time and growth
There’s no skipping any part of the process
so you just end up repeating lessons
that you should’ve definitely learned from by now
It’s been almost five years since my last album
And I’d be lying if I said I spent all of those five years working on it
I spent a good portion of the time growing
and healing through the pain that comes with it
I needed that

So my apologies for leaving you hanging
but I had to have me for a second
Love is wise and what we’ve created
is a collection of songs that remind me of that
I’m thankful to live a life
where I get to experience love in it’s truest form
and so this will be an ode to that
I’ve arrived at the point where I don’t care where the road takes me
As long as it goes somewhere, I’m all in

This is a lover’s album and I’m the most proud of it
Feels good to be back having motion
Thank you…

➤ Written by 6LACK
Album: Since I Have A Lover
6LACK | 2023

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