22GZ – Sniper Gang Freestyle (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Sniper Gang Freestyle” by 22GZ

Blicky the Blicky, the Blicky, the Blicky, the Blicky
Gang, gang, gang, grrrrtttt, bop, bop, bop, bop

When I get to swerving on ’em, spinning the curb up on ’em
Sending Suburbans on ’em and we lurking on ’em
Ain’t no funeral service for ’em
I’m on a mission for ’em, Sniper Gang got the vision on ’em
Never snitching, go to prison for ’em
Hundred round drum, thirty clip is on ’em, blood dripping on ’em

P**sy n**ga went against the gang, you know that’s a violation
Penalty is death, take his last breath
Bullets burning, like I’m frying bacon, n**gas dying waiting
Never mind the hating, I’m a General, n**ga
I’m about to put an end to you n**gas
N**gas f**ked your baby momma, spent up all your money
All you did was tell on them n**gas
You was with this gang banging, you was tryna be like 22
I’m responsible for all you n**gas
I’m the realest n**ga, tell the truth
And I know I might alarm, nobody thinks you a Don Q
Thirty round knocking off a limb, maybe leg, head, plus an arm too

I could look into your eyes, know you never been on a mission
Some n**gas be b**ch and never really listen
Get put in a ditch and now his momma missing
Might put out that hit and now we gotta get him
We caught us a lick and now we gotta wet ’em
This s**t ain’t no diss, ain’t no Tory Lanez
I pull out that blick and leave no remains
You don’t want these Blicky n**gas parked inside of High Bridge
Look what I did, got the ladder hanging out the stick
Looking like a high bridge, you could die, kid
f**k Real-Right, y’all can suck a d**k and get killed too
Y’all know damn well who got y’all mans hit
Even Kooda blooded, just spilled too
Killing n**gas then I rap about it, like I’m Melly, n**ga
Ain’t no s**t that you could tell me, n**ga
Murder on my mind, is you ready, n**ga, I’m a deadly n**ga
Can’t compare my s**t to none of these b**ch n**gas
Not JD, not D Sav, and especially not that snitch n**ga

Blicky, the Blicky, the Blicky, the Blicky, the Blicky, the Blicky
Soft ass n**gas
Stop f**kin’ calling my name, son
Y’all n**gas don’t put in no work, for real though
Y’all don’t want us in person
Y’all know how that s**t get
On God

B**ch we roll in threes
Two Blicky’s shooting and one driver
That’s how it’s suppose to be
P**sy, you ain’t never kill a body, can’t get close to me
We gon’ keep on flipping
Spinning blocks until they all deceased
Invest in a ratchet or a casket

They never be where they suppose to be
I got the heat to control streets
I bet this d**k will control your chicks
Couple head shots, gon’ expose his dreams
You caught a opp and then flew to Miami
That n**ga lied versuri.online
All of my opps took a trip to Miami
I wonder why
I’m with them Snipers and Blicky’s don’t panic
Either way n**gas die
I just came home, I beat it, don’t care to go back
That young n**ga wilding
If the n**ga Real-Right, tell the driver bend right
G Herbo get herb too
Post on my pic then delete, I’ll murk you
But shout out to Chiraq, I know where the guys at
Spinning with Rugers, so you better duck
Or they aim where your mind at
Grrrttttt, boom…

➤ Written by 22Gz
22Gz 2019

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