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Lyrics Runnin – 21 Savage, Metro Boomin

Called the first one Savage Mode
My mood, that’s what it was
2016, we was ridin’ around
Beatin’ n**gas up in the club
I know she around for the money
But act like she loyal, I don’t feel the love

I’m so rich, get bored, might wake up
Buy me a car just ’cause
Her titties is hard ’cause she spent a five
My b**ch titties cost me a dub
All my b**ches got BBLs, all my b**ches got butts
I ain’t with the rap beef, Draco pedophile
All of my opps get touched
We ain’t never ran off on no bar
But we still be hoppin’ out a Cut

I leave all my cars
All my opps be
Wipe his nose, it was
Savage never did no

That closet for your wife
That hookah for your wife
I’m Slaughter Gang, p**sy
You know I brought my knife
He was talkin’ gangster
We caught him at a light
I let my young n**ga do it
It was free, he wanted a stripe

Havin’ my way with the cheese
I’m in the den with the thieves
I know that she ratchet
I could tell by the way
That she wearin’ her weave

Smokin’ on zaza, this s**t came out
The garden with Adam and Eve
Chopper go fow-fow, shoot up your pow-wow
N**gas tryna make y’all bleed
Got out of line, spanked that baby
We had to rock him to sleep
Is it a issue Keep me a pistol
I ain’t finna diss you

All that pillow talk
I’ma have to send The Boogeyman
To come get you
Chain hang low like a yo-yo
Your b**ch ridin’ dyck like pogo

I leave all my cars
All my opps be
Wipe his nose, it was
Savage never did no

I bought a Hollywood b**ch, the club crucial
I was at the Met Gala with my shooter
Slaughter Gang, Gang, we don’t do recruitin’
Say you ready to catch a body, gotta prove it

Gotta prove that s**t, n**ga
S**t ain’t no motherf**kin’ game, n**ga
Get your b**сh ass whacked, n**ga
Big facts, big 4L, n**ga
Big Zone 6, n**ga
We run the motherf**kin’ city, n**ga
Y’all n**gas know what the f**k goin’ on, n**ga
Body for body, n**ga, money for money, n**ga
We skunkin’ everybody
F**k your crew, n**ga, we’ll kill your crew
P**sy, p**sy, p**sy

Are things better or worse
The second time around
Can we really do anything
More than once…

➤ Written by Pam Sawyer, Michael Masser, Metro Boomin & 21 Savage
Album: Savage Mode II
Produced by Metro Boomin
21 Savage | Metro Boomin | 2020

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