14 Dec 2019

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  • Don Diablo feat. Brando – Congratulations | Lyrics

    Dreaming Dreaming about the days that we could, yeah Take me Take me back to music in my room, yeaah All my life I’ve been searching Looking for something perfect That only led me back to blue Might be a little broken But […]

  • Echo – Prin oras | Versuri

    Umbla vorba prin oras, ca nu mai sunt baiat cuminte De la falsi, pan’ la hateri, am sa sap multe morminte In semn de respect, vars un pahar si tineti minte Cand ma mai vorbiti sa va fie ultimele cuvinte..② […]

  • LadBaby – I Love Sausage Rolls | Lyrics

    Saw him standing there in the bakery Holding the biggest sausage roll I’ve ever seen Didn’t know it would turn me on But I never seen one so long And I knew it was gonna be wrong But I want […]

  • Madilyn – All My Oxygen | Lyrics 2019

    Do you know I watch you when you’re sleeping I swear I’ve never seen you look so peaceful I wonder if it’s pretty things you’re dreaming Or something even darker than your demons I want to stay, but we’ll both […]

  • ZillaKami & SosMula – The Balloons | Lyrics

    I’m a misfit, people run away when I’m in distance Hell is closer to me than I thought, I see the visions Life is so alone when the colors monochrome Life invades your mind and now you think you’re in the zone Body bags […]

  • Jake Paul – These Days | Lyrics 2019

    You got too much pride these days Too much to hide these days I used to be the one They gave the run around Now they all ride the wave And it’s like a tidal wave When it come down and it crash You […]

  • Snoh Aalegra – Whoa | Lyrics 2019

    I’ma tell you this one time Boy, I want you to be mine Can I come and see you now Can I lay with you outside Can I touch your lips with mine ‘Cause I need you now Don’t wanna […]

  • Vybz Kartel – Quick Quick Quick | Lyrics

    Gyalis from birth From mi step up on di Earth From January 1st to December 31st Waterford, Portmore address Nuh listen some claffy Gyal yuh rolling wid di badest Mi remember di first time wi f**k She was older than mi yow When […]