November 14, 2019

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  • Tzanca Uraganu – O inima tare | Versuri Manele

    Nu as putea sa ma laud ca am fost cel mai fericit Nici sa spun ca am trait o viata linistit Eu am avut suparari care se vad pe fata mea Necazuri care mi-au luat linistea..② Mi-a dat Dumnezeu O […]

  • Super Whatevr – yours truly. | Lyrics Video

    Not many folk are big fans of yours truly And I don’t have a single reason they should be So before you go saying that you love me Make sure I’m the one that you’re needing Woke up at 4AM […]

  • Nico Santos – Play With Fire | Lyrics Video 2019

    It’s only been about a couple of days You must have gone and put a spell on me I can’t get you out from under my veins Singing, oh my Lord She’ll be the death of me I’m not the one to normally play […]

  • Teni – Billionaire | Lyrics Video 2019

    Wanna make love on the moon Dancing to my tunes Is it too much, is not too much I wanna be on Forbes list If wishes were horses Is it too much, it’s not too much Shebi omoba ni mi, […]

  • Khalid – Up All Night | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Take me around the world and back again As I’m searching for my soul out there Oh, there’s something that I’m wondering Where I’m going when my story ends Doesn’t even matter anyway, no Focused and I’m coping with the pain, yeah, we’re Only […]

  • Indila – Parle à ta tête | Lyrics Video 2019

    Je veux qu’on m’écoute Oui, je veux qu’on me comprenne Je veux aimer savoir pourquoi j’suis là Dis-moi pourquoi j’suis là Et je marche seule Cachée sous mon ombrelle S’te-plait, ne te moque pas de moi J’vais au Pôle Emploi […]

  • Valerie Broussard – Killer | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Standing on the highway with my thumb out Everybody’s passing but you slowed down And my heart is telling me to turn round But my body wants me to stay Looking sweet but boy I know you sneaky With trophies in your backseat All […]