November 9, 2019

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  • Missio – Sing To Me | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Talking to the mirror Like I’ve seen him somewhere before He said I look familiar Did we meet the other night Somebody once told me That there’s two sides to life, what’s yours I might have accidentally Let the darkness eat the light And […]

  • Our Last Night – Lost | Lyrics Audio 2019

    When I was lost, I was searching For someone to be the light To follow through the dark No one was there I promise you when you’re lost I will save you I wanna be the one To lead you through the dark I’ll […]

  • Jacquees – Fact Or Fiction | Lyrics Video 2019

    You’re trippin’, blame me for my past When you know I’m more than that Been there once no going’ back, I promise I’ma get it right this time, I’ma prioritize You better know that ass is mine Say I got […]

  • Bring Me The Horizon – Ludens | Lyric Video

    Some resist the future Some refuse the past Either way, it’s messed up If we can’t unplug the fact That a world covered in cables Was never wired to last So don’t act so surprised When the program starts to crash How do I […]

  • Au/Ra & Alan Walker – Ghost | Lyrics Video 2019

    Today I’m kinda feelin like a ghost Call my friends but ain’t nobody home Tell myself I’m fine but I don’t really know I’m just scared that I’ll end up I’ll end up I’ll end up alone I never let […]

  • IZA, Ciara & Major Lazer – Evapora | Lyrics Video

    Ai, ai, ai, ai.. Iza Ciara Major Lazer, ow O que eu sinto batendo no peito Move cada passo Se eu quero, eu sonho, eu faço O meu corre é sagrado O jeito da nossa gente É quente, é diferente Chuva que lava a […]