November 3, 2019

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  • Coldplay – Everyday Life | Lyric Video 2019

    What in the world are we going to do Look at what everybody’s going through What kind of world do you want it to be Am I the future or the history ‘Cause everyone hurts Everyone cries Everyone tells Each other all kinds of […]

  • NLE Choppa – Forever | Lyrics Video 2019

    Ayy, I  hate the way you look You got a smile like your momma How you make a n**ga happy Through my pain and my drama And  we cruising up in traffic With the top down in the summer I […]

  • Nelu & Bordea – STF | Versuri Video 2019

    Vreti sa fiu presedintele vostru Am zis, vreti sa fiu presedintele vostru Am zis, vreti sa fiu presedintele vostru.. N-are rost sa ma prezint, ca ma cunosti foarte bine Eu sunt nenea in costum care se pipy pe tine, cu […]

  • YNW BSlime – Homework | Lyrics Video 2019

    I’m gettin’ to a check While I’m steppin’ on they necks, woah Might need a Patek On my wrist for the time, bro The say, oh, my bad When they see me, I be on go Never lose my cool I’m too smooth, yeah, […]

  • Notion – Hooked | Lyrics Video 2019

    Don’t be shook We don’t do this by the book And I’m feeling super wavey Off this s**t that I just took Just relax, don’t be shook I saw you give me that look Now I want you and you […]