November 1, 2019

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  • Our Last Night – Losing Sleep | Lyrics Video 2019

    Do you think you know me Do you think that I need your wisdom Do you wish that I bleed, from the words that you speak I’m not listening Is it destruction you see To live in a world without me I hate to […]

  • Alma – Have U Seen Her? | Lyrics Video 2019

    I’m running, running, running Like a psycho It’s funny, funny, funny But it’s not cool I feel wavy, but I think I’m on the way I’m on it, on it, on it never stumble Never, never 1,2,3, I never fade […]

  • Alma & Tove Lo – Worst Behaviour | Lyric Video

    Another year wasted on endless work They don’t know my worth Another year wasted on stupid jerks I rip off my shirt I am done, I’m sick of hearing it I am done, fed-up, ain’t having it Another year wasted on endless work They […]

  • Sam Smith – I Feel Love | Lyrics Visualiser 2019

    Ooh It’s so good, it’s so good It’s so good, it’s so good It’s so good Ooh Heaven knows, heaven knows Heaven knows, heaven knows Heaven knows Ooh I feel love, I feel love I feel love, I feel love I feel love I […]

  • Miguel – Funeral | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Send my regards to the mother and father ‘Cause somebody’s daughter I just f**king slayed Blood on the carpet, it came from my heart Once I start, I can’t stop it, and now we are prey I wanna dive in you tonight Wouldn’t that […]