27th of October 2019

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  • YSN Flow – NBA Flow | Lyrics Video 2019

    This for my mama I know all the pain I give you ain’t right, oh This for my mama I know all the pain I give you ain’t right, oh This for my girl The only one I really got on my side This […]

  • Mircea Eremia – Nu renunta | Versuri Video 2019

    Te-as iubi ca sa ma iubesti N-as pleca nici sa ma platesti Din piesa despre tine Nimic nu s-a schimbat Oricat as vrea sa te uit Esti refrenul preferat Te-am cautat pana-n pustiu Acum esti departe stiu Vreau sa te-aduc […]

  • Besomorph – Cradles | Lyrics Audio 2019

    I live inside my own world of make-believe Kids screaming in their cradles, profanities I see the world through eyes covered in ink and bleach Cross out the ones who heard my cries and watched me weep I love everything […]

  • Lady Antebellum – What I’m Leaving For | Lyrics Video

    Keep those lights on Toys on the front lawn Disneyworld trip next summer Used kit for our little air-drummer Food on the table Brand new cradle For the angel that’s coming in a minute This house and everybody in it Got my bags packed, […]

  • Kanye West – Follow God | Lyric Video 2019

    Father, I stretch Stretch my hands to you Life like, this is whatcha life like Try to live your life right People really know you Push your buttons like type write This is like a movie But it’s really very lifelike Every single night, […]

  • Rebecca Black – Sweetheart | Lyrics Video 2019

    La la, la la la la, la la.. Do you wanna know a secret unknown But you’ll never keep your promise Try to keep it simple for you High up in the clouds like you’re so special Like you never heard […]