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  • Krept – Morley’s Freestyle | Lyrics Video 2019

    Yo, true stories Leave dem red like Morley’s Why dem man tryna war meee Aint dem man like 40 Aye true stories Leave dem red like Morley’s Why dem man tryna war meee Aint dem man like 40 Three, two, […]

  • NBA YoungBoy – Ranada | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Got a brand new pendant, I think I paid over for it I’m starting to think that I pay over for your love I’m fresh as hell, yeah, that’s your loss, I ain’t no scrub I was falling in love with you, I ain’t […]

  • NBA YoungBoy – Head Blown | Lyrics Audio

    Okay, I’m geeked, I need a beat Come from the streets, stay with that heat Full of that lean, young n**ga toting fully loaded I’m shooting if I hear a peep I ain’t with the f**kery, I’m a real G They know that it’s […]

  • Amuly – Ten Cuidado Con La Gente | Versuri Video

    Am capu-n nori de la verde A ta tremura cand ma vede Suntem imaculati, nu vezi pete Ten cuidado con la gente Ca Bocaseca dau cu sete Fratii au mia doar pe borsete Cu fratii mei am trait ce nu-ti […]

  • Sore – Cum sa ma las | Versuri Video 2019

    Addiction isn’t about alcohol and drugs It’s absence of self This absence is described as a hole in your soul Your wost battle is between what you know And what you feel.. Nu mai aveau vin, dar zi mersi ca […]

  • NBA YoungBoy – Rich As Hell | Lyrics Audio 2019

    I gotta bring it any time And however you want it Late at night and I can’t sleep I’m staying up, I’m tossing, turning That’s them bodies from my temper Creeping on me That’s from me cuttin’ ’em off And being home all by […]

  • NBA YoungBoy – Seeming Like It | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Past tense futuristic, they’ll never get it I wished for this not knowing What it’d be worth by the time I get it Thought drugs would make me love You harder but you still ain’t feel it This ain’t ’bout fiends, this ain’t […]

  • NBA YoungBoy – Time I’m On | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Three, man Dubba-AA flexin’ Louie Bandz made another one I ain’t never did that, nah Why you acting like that, nah I do this s**t ’cause s**t I just be in my own world This is the sound I drink codeine, my cup […]

  • Vlaho – Stanford | Lyrics Video 2019

    Tomorrow morning she is leaving to Stanford She promised she would wait forever But I know she ain’t never coming back Please come visit, you will have a place to stay at She whispers quietly as she goes away But […]

  • Alekseev – Камень и Вода | Слова Видео 2019

    На краю обрыва На границе долгих зим Облака зависли Превратились в дым Улыбаясь ветру Слезы льют из синих глаз Что-то сейчас Они скрывают от нас Мы искали долго тишину Иногда мы падали ко дну И опять по кругу, время вспять […]