9th of October 2019

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  • F.Charm feat. BTW – Doi bogati | Versuri Video 2019

    Amandoi bogati, unul mai fericit C-are suflete aproape si momente in spate Amandoi bogati, unul mai ratacit Ca din tot ce-a trait, n-a ramas cu nimic Bogatul meu a fost crescut intr-un apartament In fata blocului batea mingea pe ciment […]

  • 6Teen – 1Plus1 | Versuri Video 2019

    E mai frumos sa zambesti in doi E mai frumos sa traiesti in doi E fun cand ai cu cine sa te plimbi in nestire Pana in Bucurestii Noi Seara sa faci un story sub stele Sa-l pui pe insta […]

  • Phantogram – In A Spiral | Lyrics Audio 2019

    I’m a man wanna fade in a spiral Imitate, elevate, making heads roll Every day, every day, in a spiral Every night, dancing with my shadow Run away to the shape in a spiral Imitate, elevate, watching heads roll I […]

  • Winona Oak – Let Me Know | Lyrics Video 2019

    Help me I don’t know how to begin Never thought that I would let you in But you’re the one I choose I belong with you Every hand I’ve lost Has brought me something I can’t lose So if you love me, let me […]

  • Mike Posner feat. Logic – Fun Up Here | Lyrics Audio

    I fell in love with a sunset I fell in love with a cloud I don’t remember how I got here I just know I’m lookin’ down It’s fun up here, feelin’ real good Man, it’s fun up here, I’m feelin’ real good I […]