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  • Maisie Peters – Adore You | Lyrics Video 2019

    Eyes meet across the floor Your name, I underscore My friends say What you waiting for.. Maisie Oooh, what are you waiting for Fast forward, we’re an easy thing And your touch is a Paris spring And my home is yours to settle in […]

  • Daddy Rock – Cuando | Lyrics Video 2019

    What does it take Just to make an impression What does it take To turn you on, yeah I’m just praying That we got a connection ‘Cause it’s been so long Since someone made me feel this way, yeah Been casing ghosts Trying […]

  • Breathe Carolina – Like This | Lyrics Video 2019

    I can see it coming from a mile away I been in the sky, so don’t make no mistakes Landin’ overseas just like the other day I can’t get no sleep, no Take it, kill it, eat it right Look in my eyes and […]

  • Smiley – My Love | Lyrics Video 2019

    Don’t give away my love, my love, my love, my love When you’re struttin’ in your little tight dress That’s the moment that you got me seeing red Sorry for being overprotective How can I not when you making boys […]

  • Eclipse – The Masquerade | Lyrics Video 2019

    Believers, deceivers Turned into bitter cheaters In fever We are the stars of the masquerade Between the good and evil Between the day and night We are caught in between What’s wrong and right We’re blinded by the power Blinded […]

  • Lagwagon – Dangerous Animal | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Through the straw the liquid pulls Down, down, down it goes Toward the bottom through the icy terrain We’re almost there, keep sucking Commiserate, our shared disgrace The ole handshake, reciprocate Downplay it or embrace it Something we can choose […]