2nd of October 2019

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  • XXXTentacion feat. Ky-Mani, Stefflon, Vybz – Royalty

    Royalty, inna mi bloodline Dem soldiers yell on these front lines Don’t know why, know why But demons come to test us sometimes In my scheme from longtime Defeat where you’re confined..② Yeah, me haffi, big up, yuh Big up, […]

  • Kevin McHale – Arizona | Lyrics Video 2019

    It’s 4:30 AM I can hear what you’re sayin’ now You’re broken and it’s so loud I don’t know where we’re goin’ A part of me is just hopin’ I can fix it, just don’t know how And I know […]

  • Calinacho, Foreign Boys feat. Azteca – Nu Stiu

    Nu stiu ce imi rezerva viitorul, nu, nu Dar stiu ca nu-ti necesit ajutorul, nu, nu Acum arata verde semaforul, drumul E lung, da-s pregatit sa-nceapa show-ul Nu stiu, nu stiu, oh ya Nu stiu, nu stiu, oh ya Nu […]

  • Iñigo Pascual – Options | Lyrics Video 2019

    I can’t deny it There’s something about How you get jealous But it’s irrelevant ‘Cause you don’t have to be You try to hide it Look through my phone ‘Cause you can’t help it What can I tell you Want […]

  • Au/Ra – Stay Happy | Lyrics Video 2019

    Me and all my friends are sad Don’t know how we got like that Diamonds rolling down our cheeks It’s the new reality I got fake plants in my yard You would never think they are Live life in a green screen Caught up […]

  • Crystalz – DID | Lyrics Video 2019

    I don’t care Do you like To kick a d**k, ok But I woke up, bye You can tell me no no no no no Anyway, this thorny road won’t end for me Don’t be my shadow next to me […]