September 20, 2019

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  • The Script – The Last Time | Lyrics Video 2019

    Why’s it so hard to look me in the eye Playing with that cross that’s on your chain I know you only ever bite your lip When it’s something you’re afraid to say Is this the last time that I […]

  • Andrés Cepeda, Jesse & Joy – Infinito | Lyrics Video

    No hay una evidencia de nosotros juntos amor Nadie en este mundo tiene que saber Si es mi penitencia llegar de segundo mi amor Ese no rotundo nunca aceptaré Tu puedes negar que te enamoraste Yo puedo fingir que ya […]

  • Example – Click | Lyrics Video 2019

    You and me just click No stopping it Go back Opposite attracts Robin Hood Maid Marion Gonna carry on Collapse No accident Both catting it So Passionate Til Half 6 Chat a bit Having It Total Eclipse I’ve been walking […]

  • Stuck in the Sound – Break up | Lyrics Video 2019

    She’s got doubts Everything goes dull for nothing She’s got to change Overtime’s come Don’t wanna lose the game I know that you’ll break up Whatever it’s a break up Silences our last days Anger disappeared Shyly ignored every single […]

  • Apache 207 – 200 km/h | Lyrics Video 2019

    Vierzehn Uhr, ich wach’ auf Hotelzimmer, Sasan ruft mich an Oh Bruder, bitte komm raus Session, Session, du musst representen Neben mir liegt ’ne Frau Ich muss jetzt los und sie guckt mich an Oh, guck nicht so, ich weiß auch Abgef**kt, du musst […]

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