September 18, 2019

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  • Marina Kaye – Twisted | Lyrics Video 2019

    I don’t wanna hurt you Know you make my grey skies blue And heart bleed red And I don’t wanna lose it Babe I gotta warn you You don’t know what I’ve been through I know what’s in my head […]

  • Gia Nina – Intre noi | Versuri Audio 2019

    Intre noi doi, doi, doi Intre noi doi, doi, doi.. Camera e goala Chiar daca mai esti in ea Nu vorbim nimic de-o vreme Gandul ti-e departe undeva Nu mai ai ce sa-mi spui Nu mai am ce s-ascult Linistea […]

  • Liviu Teodorescu – Urmele | Versuri Video 2019

    Am spalat Cearceafurile in care ne-am iubit Podelele pe care ai pasit Peretii intre care ai tipat Usa pe care ai plecat Am schimbat Si visele pe care le-ai atins Si piesele pe care ti le-am scris Chitara cu care […]

  • Killa Fonic – Richie Rich | Versuri Video 2019

    Bonsoir bagaboanto Te-am zarit la balcon Airplane la telefon Vrei sa dansam fato Fa-i cu ochiu’ la garson Sa aduca un Perignon Confund gheata cu pietrele de la gatul tau Le plimb pe buze amor, ea inghite una roz N-o […]

  • Haley Smalls – Keeper | Lyrics Video 2019

    You’re like ecstasy Got me feeling weak For you I’m a freak In and out the sheets You’re the master key Access guaranteed Cut a vein and see It’s your love I bleed, yeah You a keeper Give a me […]

  • Fever 333 – Animal | Lyrics Video 2019

    They held me down so long Got me crawling like an animal Take it all, leaving nothing for the cannibals Oh-ooh, oh-oooh.. oh-ooh, oh-oooh But we gon’ take, take, baby, we gon’ take, take back I was born on the […]

  • Adam Calhoun – Tombstone | Lyrics Video 2019

    You tell ’em, you tell ’em I’m comin’ And hell’s comin’ with me.. Give me a gun, give me a drink Pour it on up and get out of the way You gon’ light a stick of dynamite And I’m […]

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