September 7, 2019

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  • Lani Rose – Smoke When I’m Gone | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Smoke When I’m Gone” – Lani Rose No you can’t have a smoke For the both of us here No you can’t have a smoke For the both of us here You won’t find peace At the bottom of those bottles Girl let […]

  • William Singe – Love You Like Me | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Love You Like Me” – William Singe She never calls this late at night, no But I can tell she’s been drinking all night long She sounds upset, I’m asking, Baby where you at I called you earlier but you ain’t hit me […]

  • Cvija – Gori Gori | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Gori Gori” – Cvija Gori, gori, gori, gori Rollie, Rollie, Rollie, Rollie Rollie, Rollie, skupe noći u Milanu Staje sve kada rolamo po gradu Voli, voli, ovaj đavo voli Pradu Crni džip, zlatni bik je na volanu Rollie, Rollie, skupe noći u Milanu […]

  • Kiiara – Bipolar | Lyrics Video 2019

    Lyrics “Bipolar” – Kiiara You like me mad, you think it’s funny I can’t remember why we’re fighting Why these dishes are broken Why I feel these emotions Do you.. do you I think we’re past a million sorries But we made up after […]

  • Lady XO – Tap In (Lyrics | 2019)

    Lyrics “Tap In” – Lady XO Ay, tap in with me Tap in with me Know you f**kin’ with me heavy Tap in with me..③ Tell ’em baby know you wanna Tap in with me Remember when we first met […]

  • Grayscale – Tommy’s Song | Lyrics Audio 2019

    Lyrics “Tommy’s Song” – Grayscale Eyes stinging red, from tears clouding focus My edges broken glass, shattered, dull and bolus I sat in your living room, the same one That you snuck through for 20 years Tried to live them […]